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ASX’s Dan Chesterman shares how to measure the success of digital transformation with ADAPT

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ADAPT’s Director of Strategic Research Matt Boon asked Chief Information Officer Dan Chesterman his key learnings from ASX’s ongoing digital transformation journey. Chesterman shared the importance of common goals and how to measure success along the way.

Matt Boon:

Could you give us a little bit more input and understanding just what the ASX is made up of today?

Dan Chesterman:

Sure, I think a lot of people know the ASX from the cash equity market or CHESS statements because all of us see that on the news every day. And the cash equity market is a really important part of the ASX, but it’s by no means all of it. We are also a trading venue for derivatives and futures and options. We offer OTC clearing for derivatives, we have an information services business, which provides market data and other feeds to our participants. And then we have an increasingly important technical services business. And we run a data centre out of Artarmon, which is the Australian Liquidity Centre. And a private, a VPN network out to different points of presence around the globe so that we can actually offer access into the Australian market, from Hong Kong or Singapore, Chicago, or London. So it’s quite a diverse business with many different services.

Matt Boon:

Can you tell me a little bit more about how the technology services side of the business works? To maybe give people a bit more clarity around that.

Dan Chesterman:

Sure, so we created the Australian Liquidity Centre about eight years ago, and that we built a data centre out in Artarmon. We could have, at that stage, built it just for the O6, or just for co-location customers. But we made quite a conscious decision to make an open piece of infrastructure that could actually allow anyone into the Australian Liquidity Centre. And it’s grown quite substantially over the last eight years to now have more than a hundred customers in it.

It started, obviously, with those customers that were very sensitive to latency or security, but it’s actually grown now to be anyone that can see value with connecting to that network of customers. So, we offer cross-connect through Axspace and data centre services within that facility to a diverse range of customers including market data providers, back-office technology providers, and obviously, the banks and brokers that want to connect to the ASX. What’s been interesting to see evolve is if you like the value of that community and the network and the ecosystem that’s created around having all of those participants close together in one centre.

Matt Boon:

When you think about this concept of the community, has it really given by the number of customers you’ve got, I’m assuming that there is really quite a hunger out there in the marketplace for like-minded in many ways organisations to actually get that opportunity to interact and work together in that community environment.

Dan Chesterman:

I think you’re right. I think it’s natural that organisations first think about technology investments in the context of their four walls. But maybe by nature of the role that we’ve always played, that’s not been the case with the exchange.

All of our systems exist to provide value back to the community that connects to them.”

What we’ve been interested to see at the Australian Liquidity Centre is actually that sometimes our customers are connecting to each other within our facility. And that’s a really great example of the value that can be created out of a community rather than just a hub-and-spoke model.

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